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And finally… (well for tonight anyway) November 24, 2009

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I’d forgotten that so much of the glory of blogging lay not only in the writing of my own drivel but reading the wisdom of others (and adding too much drivel in response…)

I’d forgotten that blogging was such a time-consuming hobby ( I came home from rehearsal at ten and have only managed to write blogs/ read blogs/ flood my kitchen floor with my washing machine and hoping against hope that dropping my iPod again on the tile floor will prompt it to work again)…

I feel like deleting  both blogs I posted tonight: I fear that each of them exude a melancholy I don’t actually feel. Today wasn’t just about washing machines and iPods breaking, and rain and three self-indulgent hours spent in front of a computer. It was about chosing a bridesmaid dress (both a pleasure and a pain: pleasurable because it was retail therapy of the highest order and such a privilege to be ‘on’ my sister’s wedding, and painful because the measuring tape don’t lie), and spending time with T and my fellow bridesmaids hopefully absorbing the life wisdom these great women exude.

It was about ‘bumping into’ my very talented cousin as I dashed through the rain to rehearsal and his delight at my feeble screaming when we saw a frog (that is how wet it is!) in a puddle in the car park. It was about finally getting hold of an entire Guys n Dolls script; reading it in its entirety and finally understanding what makes it such a good performance choice.

It was about realising that only I can make my apartment/ job/ relationships/ finances/ body image: in short my life work for me… A rather important realisation in the midst of a half term week.

(First published on Carpe Diem Carrie O’Hara)


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