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Observations on the train to Dublin… February 25, 2011

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I’ve been without a laptop for quite some time… I am plagued by some sort of technical curse that I am not sure how I incurred or how to remove it so I made do with the blackberr…

Live as I do in hope however I scribbled the notes for a blog on a train trip to Dublin at the end of January. I, lover of irony, wrote my notes on the back of the google map directions I still had in my handbag (My mother thought that despite the map I would never find Lucan…so to the dreaded train I went)

I hadn’t people watched in too long and the two hour train trek allowed ample time to gaze at the faces in front of me…

I love train stations/ airports for that Love Actually ending emotional exchanges they present and even Belfast Central had its share that Saturday lunchtime. I was wheeling a case and lugging a rather large handbag so I got the lift to the platform: a very elderly gentleman asked the ladies on the lift if they required the ground floor (the only other option beyond the floor we were currently on) he then apologised for stepping out of the lift in front of us: a little chivalry goes such a long way!

…I had thought to bring my endless stack of junior homework books; and to use the captured hours on the train to finally catch up with my marking…but it was just too geeky to bring ‘work’ on a night away and a step in the wrong direction of my desire to find the work/ life balance…

…I read none of the three books in the over-laden handbag (I couldn’t decide which to bring) and flicked rather aimlessly through the weighty newspaper I had bought…

There was something darkly comic (and further irony)that, that weekend’s edition of The Guardian had endless pages of the revolution in Egypt: a country in flames and so much of the travel section dedicated to ‘Come to Cairo’…

…Across the aisle from me was an elderly lady, who had a rather impressive laptop, Craig Davidesque headphones and a cardi that screamed Marks and Sparkle. She unpacked pretty sandwiches, soup and deliciously aromatic coffee all set upon a linen napkin, she knocked my junk food from the shop lunch into the shade. I was dying to know what she was watching: I was hoping it was something of a shocking or crude nature but her face gave nothing away…

… At Newry, I noticed a breath-taking bridge I hadn’t noticed before and a hen party boarded the train: women of a certain age with glamorous luggage and designer sunglasses, champagne and balloons: they were having a ball. It gave me hope; the love could perhaps be found beyond the twenties and that fun had no age restriction (I saw the same women in Connolly station on the Sunday, looking worst than I felt but giggling still…)

The night away was blissful: filled with coffee and conversation, wedding shoe shopping, a tingling fish pedicure, g&ts in cosy Keoughs, an italian dinner to die for and the best wine and latest night I enjoyed in quite a while; all on the arm of a friend so great I can’t do her justice…


2 Responses to “Observations on the train to Dublin…”

  1. Bertha Mason Says:

    The elderly lady watching dirty movies (probably with a pet “rabbit” in her bag) is my favourite of all of these characters. Gloriously old and happy. I’d like to do a road trip like this in the summer with you X

    • carrieohara Says:

      I would love to do a road trip anywhere with you… we need to plan an adventure.
      I laughed and laughed about the old lady’s pet rabbit!

      Bertha I miss you when you’re not around… (I would have gone with ‘Antionette Cosway’ as a moniker though or Stella McNamara…)

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