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Confessions of a lapsed literature lover: A POSTSCRIPT July 16, 2011

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I finished ‘Water for Elephants’ late last night/ early this morning…A three day read is for me is miraculous: I am S-L-O-W. Kindle for iPhone worked for me. It was slightly unnerving but easy to use (for this read idiot proof: it is me we’re talking about) and it created an intimacy I hadn’t felt with a novel in a long time…
And once again the world proved that rules are meant to be broken: because I had seen the movie before I encountered the book I had clarified images of each character and location; and that elusive atmosphere that only the best writers can capture. Crawling into bed every-night with Robert Pattison has done me absolute wonders…
Is this a piece of great literature: in the academic understanding of that adjective? No. Would I have enjoyed the novel or even reached for it on a bookshop shelf had it not been for Pattison’s cinematic beauty? Possibly not. Did it have a story that resonated with me on some level? Yes: absolutely. Did it have characters I cared about? Yes, in fact I spent today thinking about both Jacob and Marlena such was their emotional impact on my psyche.

And this for me makes it great, I enjoyed this trip with the circus through depression America. I enjoyed riding an elephant and making it’s acquaintance… I enjoyed falling in love with the grief stricken veterinary student and watching his life unfold.
Oh books and words and paragraphs: welcome back you don’t know how much I’ve missed you x


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