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Day Two: Getting Things Done & those to do… January 2, 2012

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I had planned to get up at ‘school time’ today: reset the body clock and achieve all manner of things before lunch. In reality, I had the longest lie in of holidays (a little taste of happiness in itself) and yet I managed to rid my apartment of Christmas decorations, do a huge grocery shop; and complete a pile of ironing that would have made Kilimanjaro feel insignificant…
Now quite a day of rosebud gathering, soul altering achievement but one of getting things done.

I recently rediscovered ‘er’ on Sky Atlantic: the delectable Dr. Ray and Co. are now my nightly dinner company. Tonight’s episodes played two songs I hadn’t heard in too long: ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ and an unusual version of ‘the Times they are changing’: there’s a message there somewhere…


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