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Day 11: Farewell to Frost… January 11, 2012

Filed under: Literature,Teaching — carrieohara @ 10:25 pm

It was a better work day: improved by a better mood and by the reality that Wednesday is the best timetable of my week (Thursday is by far the worst so brace yourself for Day 12!). And while there was some worthwhile lessons going on I had one of those privileged moments when pupils share something private or wonderful about themselves.

Tonight was my last tutoring session with a girl I was helping prepare for an AS re-sit exam which is tomorrow. I will miss my weekly wander in Frost’s rural landscape, Edward Thomas’ English countryside; and the glimpses I got into the excesses at Jay Gatsby’s ‘great’ mansion.

Work friends often offer me commiserations when I share my list if evening activities and it’s tutoring on the agenda, but I love it. Sometimes I feel, perhaps unfairly (ever the DramaQueen) that it is the only successful teaching I manage in a week. And now that my school life is nearly all about the Drama , it is an utter joy to immerse myself in the quieter realm of all things literary for a little while, with one rather than nearly 30 students needing my attention.


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