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Day 37 February 6, 2012

Filed under: Drama/theatre,family,social rules,Teaching — carrieohara @ 10:11 pm

Monday, Monday
So good to me,
Monday, Monday, it was all I hoped it would be

The Mammas and Pappas

Ok, so maybe my Monday wasn’t song worthy, but things got done. I cast the play: the audition of a rising star making me silently weep at my desk,I planned a busy week (although I’m already behind), I dealt with my daughter guilt by phoning my Mum; and I was yet again reminded that I really don’t know the rules of this game called life but realised if I had, just a smattering of self-belief, not only would win more of the battles but there would be so many more of them I’d feel able to fight.

Let’s hope for a Ruby Tuesday x


One Response to “Day 37”

  1. debbierea Says:

    Smatter that self belief or I’ll come and splatter you with it!

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