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Days 64 and 65 March 6, 2012

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Day 63

A christening is always a special thing: as even my increasingly cynical Atheist self realises every bubba is a miracle.

(it would be ungracious of me to criticise the sermon of a church I was an invited guest at…)

The baby belonged to a girl I taught and have been blessed by her friendship since she left school. It was lovely to catch up and check in with other past pupils and to feel part of such a fabulous family.

I was home earlier than expected but not home early enough to catch T and Mum before they headed out: so I spent a much needed afternoon semi snoozing and watching box set tv.

Dinner and catch up with Mum rounded off a rather quiet but rather lovely Sunday.

Day 64

Monday is forever the day I find it hard to be positive / find my 365 moment in. Work is busy and stress inducing, my To Do list beyond control; I left dinner cooking at a rather critical moment and it all ended up rather more bronzed than it should have been…

I did get a Graze box I wasn’t expecting though. I first signed up as was part of the long ago neglected: new year new me: exercise more, eat less, treat your body as a temple rather than the toxic dumping ground of old. So I picked the eat well choices: four little boxes of dried fruit and nuts with the occasional yummy morsel of organic chocolate have graced my post box, every Monday, ever since. And while my diet staples remain caffeine, sugar and gin: I eat more dried fruit than I ever did before and a few fewer biscuits.
Yesterday though a nibble box arrived: dried strawberries and white chocolate, honeycomb flapjacks and other sweet treat morsels.

I will never be thin when food thrills me so much.


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