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69, 70, 71 and 72: London- a rekindled love affair… March 13, 2012

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Let’s try this again.

Day 69

Turns out a busy work day, truly bad airport, the hassle of a late flight and (hotel faux pas#1) a bed without enough pillows, can all be thrown into utter insignificance by the craic and catch up of a friend so fabulous, I should pay her fees as my therapist.

Day 70

Hotel faux pas#2 a flooded bathroom floor: M was on the case (I’m a spineless arse who inwardly fumes, and then blogs about her woes in a self-deprecating tone), we were told to pack our theatre dresses and anti-terrorism toiletries into our suitcases and all would be resolved: a new room found by our return…

Our visit to the Imperial War Museum (improved hugely by having your own history teacher tour guide) was humbling. The first world war exhibit made me realise, not for the first time that I would be one of those soldiers shot in the trench for cowardice: I would never have found whatever it was you needed to throw yourself ‘over the top’.

The holocaust exhibit was as harrowing and terrifying as you expect and need such things to be. I’ve been haunted by the quote stark red against a black wall,

All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing

It’s impossible to hear that and not think of Syria.

And so to Jersey Boys the musical that tells the story of Frankie Vialli and the Four Seasons. I’d stumbled across it by chance on another West End weekend away: and the soundtrack has been part of my theme song ever since. It didn’t disappoint, even when there was a technical hitch only five minutes from curtain. You could feel the audience will the lights back on: we were hooked, we needed our ending…
And it worked, I danced down the street: amazing what a little musical theatre and afternoon wine can do for a girl.

Hotel faux pas #3&4 our stuff hadn’t been moved, and the room we were moved to had slept in beds and towels on the bathroom floor. I’m really not a hotel Princess but I draw the line at using other people’s wet towels.

We finally got a room we could get ready in: and headed without irony, to the theatre at the Savoy hotel for Legally Blonde. I was never a huge fan of the film and I had severe issues hearing a lot of the dialogue but M loved it; and we both loved Emmett (even if it was the delectably talented Mr Meade we’d booked our tickets hoping to see). I’ve been practicing my ‘Bend and snap’ ever since.

We dined in a buzzing Covent Garden restaurant with great prosecco; and headed back in the hope that the Covent Garden Travelodge had morphed into somewhere you could actually stay.

Day 71

4.30am fire alarm goes off but no sign of any actual danger… Hotel faux pas #Come On People get it together! And instead of refunding us one night’s stay they nearly charged my debit card an extra night!
Enter at your peril! You’ve been warned!!

Sunday was walks in the spring sunshine, cupcakes and coffee in the cutest shop imaginable and endless giggling laughing at the slogan t-shorts in David& Goliath in Covent Garden; great Mexican food and shopping at Gatwick; and meeting an old friend on the plane.

So London, you and me? It’s back on…
When I bring, good company, a fully charged google map friendly phone and a sense of humour: I’m yours for the taking!

Day 72

Monday was well Monday, school is busy to the point of hellishness and the work to be done is endless.
My day was brightened considerably when I got a text from my London travel buddy, “…just think, things could be worse, you could work in the Travelodge!”

Comedy gold!


5 Responses to “69, 70, 71 and 72: London- a rekindled love affair…”

  1. Debbierea Says:

    I’m a little London envy, I wanna go have some fun!!!! X

  2. Travelodge PR Says:

    Thanks for the chance to re-live the laughs!My mother says we are princesses!I sound a whole lot more exciting than I really am!Catch up soon x

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