Carrie O'Hara

The pouting and ponderings of a single 30 something year old

Days 84, 85 and 86 March 26, 2012

Filed under: family,Food,Friendship,TV — carrieohara @ 8:17 pm

It was a great weekend: on Saturday, I got to bake brownies, eat great food with old friends, drink good wine, have cuddles with a new born and do the delightful ‘after party/ one for the road’ chat with the fabulous hosts.

Sunday brought a trip to a sunshiny park with Mum, T and my fabadoo nephew: ice cream, a wander around Victoria Square and a delicious Wagamamma’s dinner…

Monday? Well it still sucks: but news of long awaited happiness in a Friend’s engagement made me smile and in ‘twenty four little hours’ I have the hottest of dates with Don Draper and the new series of Mad Men…so it ain’t all bad.


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