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Days 93-98 April 9, 2012

So it’s been a while…a whole week since I bemoaned my privileged existence to the faithful few who indulge me and me blog self.

This time last week I was in London with two of my best friends and 28 hangers on. The much blogged about, endlessly lamented school trip was… well something .

I know the things that make ‘good’ reading are when the best laid plans of Drama teachers go off the radar even slightly; and I know the party line is: the ‘kids’ really behaved; they enjoyed themselves (and I actively enjoyed their company) we got them home safe and sound: all the measures of a successful educational visit.

So I’m not quite sure how I do it justice.
Settle for a few highlights:

– an impromptu birthday cake (oh to be turning 17 again) in the Covent Garden sunshine.

Billy Elliott is phenomenal:
political, risqué, emotional, funny: all I demand of a piece of theatre and more… I was on my feet for the ovation before I’d quite realised it was over.

– A backstage tour of the National Theatre: these people take their theatre seriously: perfectly pitched for our students, long enough to be informative and short enough to hold the flitting teenage attention span, and again I was reminded that I should really look beyond the bright lights and lure of the West End when I come to London in search of culture.

– I wouldn’t say I was disappointed in Wicked but it didn’t live up to the hype I’ve heard. Rachel Tucker made an engaging and talented Elphaba but Glinda was an annoyance…yet, maybe it’s impossible to give anything your full attention when you’re worried about a sick student; and getting the remaining 27 home on the tube, in the rain, minus one staff member. Another visit to Oz is needed before I give my informed verdict.

– the Wicked workshop was fabulous. An engaging ( and rather stunning actor) who could both do and teach; and an informative Q&A the included a very lovey Wicked dancer, in which our kids held their own and I managed not to gush too much.

And I could go on… yet, this and any list, denies those moments of magic when you see your pupils as more than a potential grade and name in a mark book: when you’re made privy to their inner world and you get to remember the sheer joy and potential that exists when you’re 17: and when you see the cultural value of travel and teamwork and friendship and fun.

It was a great trip: I was blessed by my travelling companions and a brilliant group of kids BUT I have swore to all who will listen that never will I attempt such madness again!

Day 96
Another day, another theatre trip! Who said teachers have great holidays?!
At least this time we were closer to home. Blood Brothers never, ever disappoints, it’s tragedy and comedy move me every time.
And when it was over the holidays could officially begin…

Days 97&98

My friends S&P hope to persuade me out of my Aetheism through thought provoking, liberal services at their church. The Good Friday Reflection </em was moving, engaging and prompted many queries as I held court in their house with their friend T, who as an Anglican minister was able to shed some light on various issues: if not answers to the questions that have none.

Brunch with my boys is always a delight and I got to travel to their rather far flung new build. Even my spatially unaware self was able to imagine their ‘work in progress’ into their castle on a cloud. My hovel apartment paled into insignificance on my return.

S&P are a blessing I cannot imagine my life without; my soul is richer and happier through knowing them.

Day 98
Easter Sunday is always spent at Auntie V’s eating more than is good for me. It’s always lovely to catch up with extended family: and the cousins at different exciting stages of their lives. A family wedding is planned for a fortnight’s time and it was good to share in that excitement, reminding me of the fun and chaos I’d enjoyed before T& N’s big day.

And bless Sky TV scheduling, I got to catch up with my boys in the NYPD and the men of MADison avenue; and my ultimate TV guilty pleasure Made in Chelsea: while planning and securing the various catch ups a week off promises.


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