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Days 115-117 April 29, 2012

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What on earth happened on Friday? I’ve seriously no recollection beyond the unscheduled meeting that knocked me for six; in which I held my own, and yet the situation is still so utterly in limbo.

116/ Saturday
Met a friend at Mount Stewart (I became a member of the National Trust at the beginning of the year, it all seemed a bit too middle class but I was aiming to walk more, appreciate life and have an answer to the question of what do you do on a Sunday afternoon: I’ve been twice since January), she brought coffee and freshly made muffins: we caught up, we fed the ducks, I had snuggles with her girls. That and the gorgeous drive down the peninsula made for the sort of Saturday morning that brings a sense of utter contentment.

Saturday afternoon I was domestic and Saturday night I headed to friends’ house for great Chinese, wine and banter. My hosts are getting ready to move to a new house, another house guest had ‘popped’ home as she begins her second trip around the globe, another having cycled from was back from Holywood to Downpatrick, told takes from her Easter cycle around Italy; while planning her summer trip to Mongolia.
I sat thinking of inventive reasons why I don’t have a boyfriend…
How can I blog about every day and have no news to share?
It was great to see them all: my university ‘family’ that I adore.

Sunday/117 was about procrastination: I’m avoiding school work. The crazy performance week/ stressful meeting was all too much: I couldn’t dedicate my weekend to the altar of school too. I had to breathe and reboot. I’d lunch with Mum, we went to a huge garden centre and pottered, we visited an aunt and I got to change my mind about a local bistro.
Yes I will curse my lack of marking, yes it will add to my workload, but time spent with friends and family was golden to me this weekend. Moments pass, another month has gone by: I gathered a few of the darling buds of May: work is tomorrow’s adventure.


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