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Days 118-121 May 3, 2012

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It’s been a hellish work week: I’m clumsily stumbling my way through the complicated choreography of someone else’s agenda and it’s making me tired and cross.
I’ve marked all the week and yet the paper mountain grows…

So I’m getting back to the basics if the 365: the moments of grace or magic in my day: however simple they may be.

118: Feeling a little flutter of holiday excitement as I put a pair of sparkly flip flops (and a funky if rather ridiculous hat) into my grocery trolley; and financially surviving to another pay day.

119: making satisfying comfort food (a Jamie Oliver pasta dish), Tim Riggins’ smile in Friday Night Lights, and imagining I was the girl Don Draper was kissing in the back of a taxi.

120: Watching with emboldening pride, a former student’s direction of a Dan Gordon penned Titanic themed theatre piece; and marvelling yet again at the Jack and Jill’s of many, many trades the Primary School Teacher is.

121: I should be excited about an
incredible theatre opportunity for my students but Belfast traffic, the thought of the paperwork and my general disgruntlement with school makes that a rather begrudging acknowledgement…

I ranted too much at my Mother, rather ruining the rushed dinner I’d arrived uninvited for: but the drive through Ards to the house of a new Tutee brought moments and people to my mind that is quite forgotten. They made me smile.

And tomorrow: it’s the weekend x


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