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Counting my Blessings #15-17 June 2, 2013

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The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others.

Quite some time ago I wrote this
I’m mused on it ever since: never quite deciding if it was something quite sad: life’a observer rather than her participant…

And yet my Bank Holiday weekend reminded me of the joy sharing the happiness others bring.

A wedding party I was shocked and touched to be invited to : and yet reluctant to attend flying solo and sober. But the friendship of a friend and his family made for a really wonderful night. There was a fun photo booth, pick and mix, cupcakes and coffee, a caricaturist, gorgeous cakes, beautiful photographs of the paradise wedding location: and a tae kwon do/ flash mob first dance that was utterly epic.
I danced, I caught up with people I hadn’t seen in too long and got to play a little part in something very special. Blessings galore!

Bank Holiday Monday found me baking bread and buns: and then I was struck that this was the perfect time to pay a visit to a friend and her new baby. A long awaited little boy after two gorgeous girls: an afternoon of laughter, toddler fun and newborn cuddles. L and I have known each other since we too were babes in arms: that’s a special, special thing.

Junior exam week has begun: the mind numbing invigilating, the endless marking and reports: the cost of doing ‘my’ business. But work got done: I’d a great rehearsal after school, a worthwhile tutoring session and an impromptu visit home to Mum’s.
There is a simple pleasure in the worth of work: and by the end of this week another huge hurdle between now and the promise of summer holidays will hopefully have been cleared.


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