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Counting My Blessings: a catch up June 13, 2013

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“Love comforteth, like sunshine after rain…

Mount Druid is a rural parish above the beauty of Ballintoy: it’s Vintage rally is an important event in the social calendar. While the sun was splitting the trees in Balnamore there was an eerie mist resting on the water.
At some point it cleared: we spent the afternoon bathing in the beautiful sunshine while the girls played in the rectory garden.

I’d forgotten just how stunningly beautiful the view is.

That night I unburdened my soul to the patient ears and open hearts if great friends.

Some metaphors decipher themselves…


I’d promised myself a walk along a North Coast beach (my lifetime love affair with such places is explored here
my irritation
White Rocks was packed with people doing those things we’d loved doing on those rare sunny Sundays of my childhood. I was enchanted and found a rather deserted spot to eat lunch and read The Great Gatsby.
There’s an ‘at edge of the world’ ethereal feeling that comes from the coast: and for me possibly too much introspection. Was there still value in the beauty I was surrounded with if I’d no-one there to share it?
Was I better to stay alone in paradise or go ‘back to the real world’ and find company and companionship?

I headed home (the car park the gates of hell in comparison to the beach).
When I got to Mum’s I was quiet and introverted unconvinced I’d made the right decision.

Monday brought the kind of mini crisis that makes me mad at myself and realise that I would last less than ten minutes under even the lightest of torture conditions. A shrill CHEEP every 30 seconds was driving me rapidly bonkers.

A beeping alarm that my faulty ears couldn’t accurately locate: I replaced batteries and dismantled smoke alarms, I texted my friend and her electrician husband, I phoned my Mummy in tears.

She re-attached the dangling smoke alarms to the ceiling and insisted in a shopping trip to replace the buzzing carbon monoxide alarm.

My blessing is that she was there to call.

“Life in the big city will really spoil ya’… Truvy Steel Magnolias

Poetry readings are events I pretend I go to when answering activity surveys: but rarely, if ever before had I actually been to one. I met my best friend D and we went to a coffee shop I’d been longing to visit. Common Grounds Café didn’t disappoint. I’m never quite sure what precise combination of food/ location/ decor/ service/ vision combines to lends places atmosphere but this place has got it.

D was on the search for a restaurant she’d encountered in Twitter: Teatro is the type of place that has atmosphere in abundance: we’d desert and coffee: discussing endless ideas for a writing project: to the sounds of a Spanish guitar. We vowed to return for more courses and inspiration.

The poetry reading itself was all I’d imagined such things to be. The Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast really knows how to do it’s thing. The poet was young, charming and incredibly talented. I didn’t understand all of his wonderful words but he did what I feel a poet should do, he let me see the world in the shades he painted with his words: and that’s quite something.

But really it wasn’t just these places, or even this poet but the girl that takes me to there: the girl I unashamedly and with sincere sentiment, I call my soul sister…
So thank you D for showing me your city, and your soul… You’re a source of endless blessings x

(Why I felt the need to eat more than my rapidly increasing body weight in chocolate biscuits on my return is a pondering for another time…)


A trip to the theatre with my Drama teacher friend C made for an unexpectedly very entertaining evening.
Can’t forget about You
was introduced advertised as follows:

25 year-old East Belfast man Stevie meets 49 year-old Glaswegian widow Martha while recovering from a painful breakup with his ex-girlfriend. Stevie and Martha are immediately attracted to each other and end up in bed together. Although their relationship is based entirely upon sexual attraction, they find themselves falling in love. This challenges the expectations of Stevie’s conservative Christian mother and his ultra-unionist, Ulster-Scots-speaking sister who work hard to break the pair up. Stevie and Martha must decide if their relationship has a real future and if they can both overcome the pain of their heartbroken pasts.

This undersells the power of its humour and the performance Declan Rodgers gives as Stevie. There are moments of very risqué behaviour that takes courage in performance and direction.
It’s always a pleasure to go to the theatre with a fellow drama lover as we got to spend today talking over favourite moments, dissecting Conleth Hill’s direction and laughing over the endless moments of bawdy comedy.


After a busy week socially and at work: it was good today to bake bread, put my apartment to ‘rights’ and go for a walk in the rain…
The weekend promises lots of society: so tonight I welcome the silence: a chance to catch up with myself and to write x


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