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Counting my blessings #47-50 July 2, 2013

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So school ended (in it’s usual anti- climatic fashion) and for once I managed social balance (if not alcohol moderation) for the end of term ‘get together’.
I’m a social discontent: pleasing too many others at the expense of my own contentment. And at the end of every school term there is a tension between doing ‘the department’ thing: typically an expensive lunch somewhere in Belfast with the ‘whole staff’ thing: drinks and pub grub in more local bar. For years, I’ve got it wrong: whichever one I go to I wish I was at the other…

Friday worked because I got to have lunch with the department (the wonders of Belfast and the expensive location has been postponed to later in the summer: I can now genuinely look forward to it!), have wine with a great friend and go to the local bar for too many drinks with other staff members. This was fun. I miss fun: I let my angst crowd out too much of the fun in my life.
My friend A extracted me home before is made too great a fool of myself (I hope…)

Happy Holidays hopefully begin here x


So I was less hungover than I deserved to be but the ‘big beginning of the month’ grocery shop was still quite painful…
I got to have dinner and go to an ‘intimate’ concert with a friend I adore. T showed me how to enjoy Nandos (my virgin visit to the lauded home of chicken had been less than spectacular) and the concert, a rising star of local Musical Theatre was fabulous. A reminder of just how powerful a great voice and stage charisma can be. I’ve been listening to,
on a hypnotic loop ever since..
(If this doesn’t link it is Kerry Jane Ellis and Queen’s No One But You…

Sundays I struggle. It’s strange I look forward to going home all week and then I’m sullen and withdrawn when I get there. This may have been the gin blues and the low lying fear I feel about filling a summer without piling on or spending the pounds… And it’s acknowledging the bittersweet feeling I get when I’m with my nephew (and other great kids):the sweetness of his company too tampered by the ticking of my biological clock.
And yet it was, as always, a night of Mum and I enjoyed dinner, conversation and Michael Bublé special on TV: another reminder of just how powerful a great voice and stage charisma can be.

# 50
So the first official work day of the school holidays was filled with productivity. I made soup and bread, two types of traybakes, a favourite dinner, I taxed my car, I planned days out, I ran, I walked…
There is a contented pleasure in a day filled with doing.


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